Hockey Skate Reviews

#1 – CCM RBZ Hockey Skates

CCM RBZ, the best skates of the year!

These skates are designed for a great fit with a deep heel zone and custom arch support made of materials that are great for a heat molded fit.

Sale Price: $169.98 NOW ON CLEARANCE! WAS: $899.99
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#2 – Reebok RibCor Pump Hockey Skates

Reebok Ribcor Pump Skates are amazing!

The Reebok Ribcor Pump offers great fit, comfort and performance at a reachable price.

SOLD OUT WAS: $779.99

#3 – CCM Tacks Hockey Skates

CCM Tacks are back in a big way!

The main focus is about speed, from the blade to the holder to the boot and even the eyelets!

Price: $799.99 WAS: $959.99
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#4 – Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Skates

The Bauer Vapor APX2 is a go fast skate!

These skates are a gold standard for Bauer when it comes to performance!

SOLD OUT Price: $849.99

#5 – Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 LE Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 is an incredible fit!

These are high performance stakes with great details like T-shaped eyelets that lead to an amazing fit.

Price: $649.99 Was: $849.99
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#6 – Graf G9035 Hockey Skates

Graf G9035 are top contenders in 2014!

Graf makes some amazing skates. These G9035 skates are amazingly well built and look awesome.

Price: $699.99 WAS: $899.99
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#7 – Bauer Nexus 8000 Hockey Skates

Bauer Nexus 8000 offer great comfort and fit.

Bauer has some awesome skates that are designed for speed and performance. You can’t go wrong with Bauer in 2014 for hockey skates! The Nexus is Bauer’s traditional hockey skate.

Price: $559.99 Was: $749.99
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#8 – Easton Mako II Hockey Skates

Easton Mako II’s Bring It in 2014!

These skates boast an aggressive blade pitch that allows you to get over the front of the skate and drive more force into the ice for greater speed and performance.

Price: $679.98.99 WAS: $959.99
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